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CARI is pleased to announce the addition of David Spann to our staff.   David is a degreed engineer who comes with over 24 years of experience in environmental systems engineering, sales and service.  David is highly skilled and an excellent hands-on technician.  We are very excited to have him to help to continue to provide the level of service to our customers that they have come to expect from CARI.

Bioscience, Inc.

We have recently signed on as the New England representatives for Bioscience, Inc. from Bethlehem, PA.  Bioscience is an ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturer of Bio-augmentation products and exciting new analytical equipment.   Their microbial products are used for odor control, enhanced performance in bio reactions for industrial, agricultural, Bioremediation and municipal applications.  Their new respirometry equipment allows you to do a 5 day BOD test in 15 minutes for real time evaluation of your process.  They have a lab and the experienced to technicians that do real treatability testing and analysis of the waste stream for the purpose of finding the right solution to your problem.   Bioscience, Inc.

CARI has become the exclusive New England distributor for Duralfow Corporation.  Duraflow manufactures a full line of Microfiltration Membranes used in end-of-pipe wastewater treatment systems.  These membranes come in ten-tube, four-tube and thirteen-tube configurations made to fit most systems.  These membranes are made from the strongest materials available and are engineered to solve bursting and leaking tube problems seen in the competitors' products.  Duraflow products

CARI is a distributor of Ultraflow Membrane Co. Inc.We sell and service their line of Ultrafiltration Membranes including their one inch and 1/4 inch membrane tubes configured in ten foot, five foot and multiple tube modules.  Molecular weight cut-offs include 40,000, 100,000 and 150,000.



CARI-775 Low sludge Coagulant

CARI has developed a new coagulant, CARI-775 specifically for the purpose of producing the same level of clarity and charge neutralization as is experienced with Aluminum based coagulants without generating the large volumes of sludge.  In practice CARI-775 has produced about 50% of the sludge produced by other coagulants. 

In cross-flow membrane filtration systems this is particularly important because both charge neutralization and solids buildup affect the flux.

CARI-340 Neutralizer

Caustic Soda Replacement with CARI-340. Non-hazardous, Not regulated, Helps to meet Massachusetts TURA requirements.


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