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CARI-406 is an aqueous solution of a metal sequesterant, effective for preventing the precipitation of metal compounds typically found in industrial wastewater, groundwater and landfill leachate.  CARI-406 is particularly effective at preventing the formation of insoluble metal oxides and metal hydroxides that would foul or scale various organic chemical removal technologies.  CARI-406 is effective for the prevention of iron fouling in air stripping equipment and Dissolved Air Floatation systems that are used for the removal of oil and grease, solvents and other volatile organics.


Depending on the specific application, the optimum concentration of CARI-406 to achieve complete sequestering of soluble metal ions is determined by jar testing.  The concentration of the various wastewater contaminants such as metals, oils, suspended solids, total dissolved salt, COD and BOD all have an impact on the optimum CARI-406 dosage.  CARI-406 is effective over a wide pH range (5-12.0). 

Addition of CARI-406 is controlled volumetrically, proportionate to the wastewater feed rate.  CARI-406 can be added prior to the wastewater treatment system during or after the pH adjustment step.  The optimum addition location is a function of the waste composition and the equipment available to perform the contaminant removal.  

When used in a gravity settling or a floatation system, CARI-406 is not affected by the use of Alum, Lime or polymers used to coagulate and remove oil and grease that are added in a  reaction tank after the CARI-406.  When used in conjunction with air stripping equipment, CARI-406 is very effective at preventing the precipitation of iron scale in the tower packing.  CARI-640 or 665 can be used to precipitate the metals for subsequent removal downstream.  For applications of CARI-406 that require subsequent metals removal, consult with Compliance And Recycling.

Laboratory evaluation is recommended to determine the optimum conditions for the use of CARI-406.  Compliance And Recycling, Inc. will provide on site technical support to assist with the treatability study.

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