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Parkson Lamella Model 300/55 (75 gpm)
Parkson Lamella (stainless steel!) Model 570/55 (125 gpm)
Parkson Lamella Model 860/55 (175 gpm)
Lancy 80 GPM Inclined Plate
WWE Model 140/60 20 GPM
Filter Presses


X= expandable to:

JWI         40x50 cu. ft. 1200 mm. gasketed, auto pump control, plate shifter, manifold, bomb-bay doors, roll-off platform
JWI         2 cu. ft. 630 mm. gasketed
JWI         110 cu. ft. 1200 mm., non gasketed, air hydraulic closure, auto pump control, hydraulic bomb-bay doors, plate shifter
JWI        5 cu. ft. 630 mm., gasketed, air hydraulic closure, air blow-down manifold, reconditioned with new cloths
Sludge Dryer JWI-1400G  Batch gas dryer w/hydraulic loader and wet scrubber
Plate-out cell Eco-Tec copper recovery electrowinning system complete with 600 AMP rectifier
Membrane Microfilters
Memtek Model 3600, 90 GPM with concentration tank, clean in place, assorted tanks
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